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dutch magazines

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125 issues, 13,400 pages of reading material now available

from Belgium and the Netherlands

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at least another 65 new numbers to be expected by the end of July 2023

The overview of Dutch magazines that we offer corresponds with what was on the Flemish market at that time. In the fifties, sixties and seventies, Flanders was a journalistic superpower. Compared to its neighbouring language communities, Flanders had a comparatively very high number of titles in print. The journalistic quality and the variety of topics were very decent. Unlike newspapers, the world of popular magazines was free from political or ethical influence. That way, in 2021, you get a very accurate picture of what the world must have looked like, especially in the post-war years. A selection of the topics can be found in the newsletters we offer here.
You can get these digitised magazines here. They are bundled on a USB stick together with mainly French-language magazines and to a lesser extent German-language and English-language magazines.
It …
is an original gift;
teaches you what the world was like then, and it is very different;
is, If you are a history or social studies teacher, it is an inexhaustible source of information and interpretation;
opens up a world of nostalgia;
is very relaxing and funny as a between-meals read;
is a source of retro creativity both in decoration and in visual media;
is ideal for reminiscence in old people’s homes;