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650 digitised journals spread across 49 titles. Magazines from the years between 1912 and 1982.

We are a company that digitises and reissues old magazines.
You can buy these magazines per title or in global packages. Go to the price list and the order page.
Which magazines we offer, the price, the merchandising and other information can be found on this website.

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A look back at the past through 650 retro magazines

Call us nostalgics if you like; we are a group of people, each with a journalistic background, who are fascinated by the past and want to share this fascination with you. We do this through the social media of that time ... magazines. Together, we own several thousand magazines, some of which are unique pieces with a certain historical value; others are more commonplace but whose content reads like a wonderful future novel. These gems from the past are carefully digitised by us and offered to you via this website. In this way, we are doing our part to unlock your past.

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Dutch-language magazines

You have a choice of 22 Dutch-language magazines, all but one of which are Flemish.
In total, 275 of the 650 magazines are in Dutch; or a whopping 21,200 pages of reading and viewing material.
The magazines were scanned at 500 dpi and carefully “cleaned up”, which very often makes them look like new.


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You have a choice of 18 French-language magazines.
Of the 650 magazines, a total of 252 are in French, representing some 18,600 pages of reading and viewing material.
The magazines were scanned at 500 dpi and carefully “cleaned up”, just like new.


73 curious collector items

A collection of unique magazines or related items, which stand alone
or whose series had only a short existence.
It is about magazines from during/about the Second World War,
about the former colony of Belgium, about royal houses and about various social events.

Important : we are constantly expanding our product range. Therefore, in our offer you will always find two entries of numbers; namely the number you receive immediately / and the total number you pay for. The difference between the two is what you will still receive over the course of the next few months (without additional payments, of course). If both numbers are equal, you will immediately receive all the magazines you pay for. Go to overview to know which magazines you will receive immediately and which ones in the coming months (labelled ‘announced’).
If you would like additional information, please see our information page.

German magazines

The share of German-language magazines is rather limited;
31 copies across 8 titles. It does provide some 2,400 pages of reading material.
The intention is to increase the number of German-language magazines in the
future, although the emphasis will naturally remain on
on the Dutch and French-language magazines.

You are a company
and you are looking for a special business gift.
The USB sticks can also be packaged in a nice box with a print of your choice.

English-language magazines

The share of English-language magazines is actually limited to the iconic magazine ‘Playboy’. It is also not planned to expand this range with new titles in the future.
Nevertheless, you still have 5,600 pages of reading and viewing pleasure.


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