Levend Land

‘Levend Land was a Flemish monthly magazine targeting farmers and ranchers. The content is obviously about the technical or non-technical conditions of the profession, but unrelated items were also discussed, such as parenting, tourism, television, … In 1986, this publication stopped.

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Levend land is a true farming magazine that was very Christian-inspired. A blueprint of the Fleming anno the 1950s and 1960s. What contents can you expect?  You get an insight into a lot of facts that never came to the attention of the mainstream press. The articles speak for themselves : the family and moral religious education | a project north of Eeklo in and around the Kreken area | Believing with older children | people need each other bread- four men and a lame man | on a pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi | tobacco a boon for Flemish-Canadian farmers | a crisis policy that takes into account the family’s carrying capacity | marriage matless and effortless happiness ? | municipal housing policy | solar energy also for our climate? | Virga Jesse celebrates a jubilee year for God and man | Birds in field and forest | the European parliament halfway back to the voters | forgetting is hard and forgiving is also sometimes difficult | we want to farm | Francis and our time | a thousand years of Borlo | Rural Guild  Betekom, people should talk about the guild in the village | disease transmission and powerful prayers | structural planning for each municipality of Zoersel | from industrial revolution to archaeological heritage | family and unemployment | chicory a typical Belgian vegetable | safety for cyclists on the paltteland | a good word does wonders | the gymnast | the honeybee through the ages | better car insurance | farm festivals at waregem | week of agriculture at Zwevezele