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Below you will find some interesting and useful information. For some it will cover the obvious, for others it will bring some clarity to the whole set-up.
Thank you very much for your interest!

How is this product sold?
You are interested in these vintage magazines, newspapers and photos and would like to purchase them. At the top of the menu, click on ‘price list‘ and you will be taken to the price list and order page. You can order the magazines or newspapers either by title or as global packages. The large global packages are on a USB stick and are sent by regular mail; if you want to order the magazines per title or in small global packages, the delivery is carried out via data transfer.

If you order via a usb stick.
You choose either type of usb stick with magazines; the content is the same, it is just a different type of usb stick; one is a regular usb stick, the other is one with two outputs (in addition to the regular output, it also has an output for smartphones, mini-laptops, tablets and e-readers).
If you order the whole package of 650 magazines, you will automatically receive a free usb stick with photos from the past. To have an idea which photos are involved, click here. A few days after entering your order, you will receive your ordered usb-stick by regular mail. Connect it to your computer, laptop, phone or tablet and you will be able to read and view the magazines and photos (about 60GB).

What can I expect as content?
We offer you the magazines as they were originally published. No censorship is applied. Even if there is a meaningless one-off publicity insertion, this will also be digitised. So you receive the magazine exactly as it was published at the time.
Thus, we are never liable for the content, nor does it reflect our opinion, as you may find articles in some magazines that could get you into trouble today.
On the USB stick, the magazines are arranged in first order by title, and in second order by date.

What about the language partitioning?
If we consider the complete 650 periodicals, then the French and Dutch-language magazines form the main part, each accounting for about 43%; the remaining part is taken up by German and English with a slight predominance of the German-language magazines. This proportional trend will continue in the coming years.

In what condition are the magazines?
All magazines were digitally restored very thoroughly. Some are more than 100 years old and yet we present them to you in a very pleasant readable and enjoyable form.
In some rare cases, it was impossible to remove the traces of the restoration. Please note that 95% of our offer is in a digitally flawless condition. There are also some magazines in which some pages are missing; you can find information about this in the magazines themselves
The magazines were digitised at 500 dpi, which is very high and guarantees flawless quality.

Do you have to buy the usb stick to buy merchandising items?
No, the merchandising articles are separate from the USB sticks with magazines. You buy them as a stand-alone item.

What about privacy?
As we only have one article, it is not useful for us to further analyse your surfing behaviour or interests via cookies or similar means. You determine the extent to which you want to stay in touch with this website; by participating in ‘blog discussions’, expressing your opinion, indicating which magazines you prefer, …
So we do not need information about who you are or where you come from.

Are the payments secure?
All payments are made via Mollie. They process the payment through your bank or another payment organism. Mollie is virtually the largest internet payment platform in Europe. They work with the big web shops. So your payments are always made in a secure environment.

What is the delivery period?
The delivery time can vary greatly; it depends on the number of orders we receive. Under normal circumstances, if the order is sent the day after, it takes about one week, which is due to the service at bpost. If we are unexpectedly overwhelmed, delivery times may be longer, in which case we will keep you informed. If you have any concerns, feel free to send us an email at info@losha.org. We will answer your e-mail as soon as possible.

What if a usb doesn’t work?
Send us an e-mail with the necessary information about the problem and we will find a solution.