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Picture of the month

A smile full of stories

From the 1966 ‘See Magazine’ an article on the world and development of the very young child; below is an extract, …
(…) During his first six weeks, Oliver (the baby) overslept as many as 19 hours a day. Sleeping, crying, sucking and dipping, the knowledge of his new environment grows in him in diffuse wholes. The marrow sheath of his nerve fibres is forming. On this depends the proper functioning of his senses. Is the milk too hot or not to his taste, he protests. If he is too hot, too cold or his nappy stings him, you will soon find out! Hearing and seeing, he does not yet excel at that. But he is making rapid progress. (..)
(…) The mother’s love is his growing strength. From the helpless little creature a relatively independent boy develops within a year. (..)