‘Vrouwenbeweging’ is a Flemish magazine with a slightly feminist slant. The magazine aims to create an opening for women to have a substantial place in society. Along the same lines, the magazine also has an eye for women in other countries.
Besides articles on the position of women, it also covers classic topics such as making clothes, cooking, fashion, … but each time with its own accent.

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packet 2 / 2023

Vrouwenbeweging is a progressive magazine from the 1950s and 1960s. The articles dealt with stories for children | the best picture of the jubilee | humility | other neighbours | the perils of a flat | chat at a plant Tradescantia and zebrina | place for a religious life | for young people who left school | clothes make the child | an overgown | ladies jumper | apple party | memory of Frederic Chopin | meeting between east and west | clothing patterns | this is how a Chinese sister sees it | Miss Baers has gone to heaven | Nazareth in the twentieth century | the heart is worn out | father says : each to his own | girls’ vest | men’s vest | nothing is said here | life – a risk ! | an important task | the seventh world day of lepers | browsing through Miss Baers’ life’s work | your iron | you are being waited on | public assistance – CPAS and lifespan | five minutes of our time | we researched frozen foods | I no longer work | the child in the home | buying is an art | in the family- movement work enough | childless families we listen to you | carnival everywhere | crocheted ladies jumper | in crepe and jersey | does your child sleep enough | television is formidable | the Fall | soup | for a meaningful feast | the great market of Europe | wise counsel from a Chinese booklet | an empire for children | danger is within | civitas dei | primula or primrose | they can do it alone | the wife owes obedience to her husband | following a clean sermon | growth and development of the child | they live for your boys | she goes to Congo for the wife and guild | the candle | why join the poll | marcelline bread and wine | be so good to come.