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There are many German-language magazines on the subject of people and society in the above range. This category covers the topics of stars and ordinary people, beauty, food, fashion, events, sports, history and much more.
Discover it now: Old single issues of numerous historical German-language magazines in pdf format. They are digitised at 500 dpi and released as they were once in the newspaper shop or kiosk for sale. These old vintage magazines represent an important period of German history. Through the articles, you get a picture of how society was viewed at that time. On this page, you will not find a complete database of German-language magazines, but nevertheless a representative collection by quantity and titles, which allows you to immerse yourself in the past.
You can also find historical information in it through articles about small incidents that have fallen through the cracks of the historical net, although they have their significance. Especially within the framework of the creation of the European community, and the politicians working for it on a small and large scale are interesting. You can read a long article about what Berlin meant in 1959, before the Berlin Wall was built, or a whole report on Plasterk’s death and funeral.