– Vintage magazines 400/250 pieces on a single flash drive

69,69 incl. BTW

The product
400 digitised vintage magazines in .pdf stored on a single flash drive (better known as a usb stick or pen drive);

For this price you receive …
a 64 GB flash drive with 400 magazines;
+ 15 children’s magazines for free;
+ 250 vintage magazines as a supplement to be downloaded between December 15th 2020 and December 15th 2021 at 3 fixed times;
+ a second 64 GB flash drive for free with 17,700 vintage images
+ a sturdy double key ring.
ALSO READ THE PAGE ‘information

Delivery time: 1 week

There are no shipping costs; the flash drive will be sent to you via an ordinary padded letter!



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Contents of the flash drive:
– 400 vintage magazines with PDF extension;
– 15 children’s magazines for free;
Contents of the second flash drive
– 17,700 vintage images of cities, celebrities, advertisements, etc., with JPG extension;
– during the period between December 15th 2020 and December 15th 2021, you can download an additional 250 vintage magazines free of charge (you can find the exact dates on the page ‘information‘);
– In the menu, click on ‘overview’ of this website and you will get an presentation of all the covers of the magazines that are on the flash drive (usb stick) and of those that you can download during the year;
– After 15 December 2021, you are free to renew your download sessions annually. The next session will then run from December 15th 2021 to December 15th 2022. The modalities and price of this extension will be communicated on the website and by e-mail by the end of 2021.

The storage device.
– A high-quality 64GB flash drive from the brand Kingston;
– a single output type USB 3.1/3.0/2.0
– a second high-quality 64 GB flash drive of the brand Kingston (see product presentation)

Please read the ‘information’ page for detailed data!


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