retro magazines digitised (duo usb stick)

73,69 incl. BTW

The basic package (package 1)
For this price, you will receive …
650 magazines, 585 of which will be sent to you immediately, via a duo usb stick;
you will receive the remaining 65 numbers via systematic data transfers during spring 2023.
the usb stick, a 64GB duo flash drive (duo flash drive fits smartphone, tablet and computer alike)
+ 15 children’s magazines for free;
+ a second 64 GB flash drive for free with 17,700 vintage images
To find out which magazines you will receive, click in the menu on magazines

Important: why not receive all 650 magazines at once?
Since we are constantly digitising ‘new’ issues of magazines, our range expands every week; if we were therefore to adjust our offer/price every week, it would quickly become a confusing mess. To avoid this, we chose to offer you a package of 650 issues of magazines, some of which are already digitised and thus immediately available; and some of which are yet to be digitised and thus post-delivered. The number of journals already digitised is therefore updated monthly.

Delivery time: 1 week

There are no shipping costs; the flash drive will be sent to you via regular padded letter envelope!



What are you buying?
650 retro magazines …
partly on a duo usb stick with 585 vintage magazines in -pdf, delivered immediately + 15 free children’s magazines;
and partly via data transfer, for the 65 remaining journals you will receive during the pre-2023 year.
You get a second usb stick for free, with 17,700 vintage images in -jpg of cities, famous people, advertisements, …

As for the remaining 65 vintage magazines, you will receive them via regular downloads; you will be informed of downloads via e-mail. Thatway you will have the 650 magazines you purchased.

click on tijdschriften in the menu of this website and you will get a list of all the issues of the magazines that are on the flash drive (usb stick) and those that you can download via datatransfer during the spring.

– In mid-2023, you are free to extend your download sessions by subscribing to package 2 (with 250 numbers). The next session will start on 1 September 2023. You will then be informed of the modalities and price of this extension.

The storage device.
– A high-quality duo usb stick 64GB from the SanDisk brand; with two outputs type USB type A (for computers and laptops) and USB type C (for smartphones, tablets and some laptops);
– A second technical-quality 64GB flash drive from the Kingston brand.

Please read the ‘information’ page for detailed information!

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