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Marilyn Monroe and her family

This is an article about Marilyn Monroe’s immediate family from the German magazine ‘Stern’.
Throughout her life, she would have spoken out about her family loneliness. A family from Denmark thus claim very close family ties with the star of the silver screen.

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marilyn monroe
Marilyn Monroe family

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Marilyn Monroe, or Norma Jeane Mortenson, had a particularly difficult start in life, let alone her mother’s mental illness. Yet Marilyn Monroe had much more than blonde hair and sex appeal. Despite her untimely death in 1962, she is still seen today as the image of America’s dream woman. Marilyn Monroe has had three husbands; James Dougherty, JoeDimaggio, and Arthur Miller. Her maternal grandfather had died when her mother, Gladys Pearl Monroe, was only 7 and her grandmother died when Marilyn was only 1 year old. Who were the Monroes? What was their family story? The trail of records found on Ancestry and other websites takes us back to Mexico, to the Civil War and early Indiana pioneers. Through her father, it is said she came from Denmark. Mrs Nielsen from Seeland in Denmark points out a number of similarities in both their past histories; Frau Malene Nielsen and Marilyn Monroe are said to have the same father.
In her tumultuous life, there are many events sometimes important sometimes futile, such as her flashy dress in the film The Seven Year Itch that would survive time. Her relationship with President John F Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy also continues to cause intrigue today.
Her death and the cause of death are still under discussion today.