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Leopoldsburg - camp of Beverlo

This is an article about Leopoldsburg and more specifically about the Camp of Beverlo in Limburg, from the Flemish magazine ‘Zondagsvriend’.
In this article, you get a historical account on the occasion of the centenary of the Camp of Beverlo. Only … World War II had not yet happened when the author wrote this article!

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Leopoldsburg Camp of Beverlo
Leopoldsburg Camp of Beverloo

Continued …
Camp Beverlo is a vast military training area located east of Leopoldsburg. The site covers about 55 km2, making it the largest military domain in Flanders. The northern part is used as a shooting range, the southern part as a training ground. Established in 1972, the Camp Beverlo Museum has been housed in the former 1850s military hospital since 1982. A remarkable building that used to possess the longest corridor in Belgium (850 m). In the various former infirmaries, the entire history of the Beverlo military camp and its municipality of Leopoldsburg is revealed. Camp Beverlo is the most important milestone in the history of the Belgian army. This is where the core of the army was originally formed, making it quasi as old as the army itself. Leopold I himself chose the location in what was then a very desolate region. Central to this landscape is the Camp Beverlo military domain. Since the army needs vast open training grounds, the original heath landscape and geomorphologically, almost intact Kempen plateau with upper stream valley, was preserved.This intact landscape positioning has become increasingly rare in, both the Flemish and Dutch landscape. On the eve of World War I, the Beverlo military Camp, located at Leopoldsburg, grew to become the largest and most modern in Europe. Thousands of soldiers and horses could be housed there; training practices could be organised on spacious practice fields with state-of-the-art firing ranges.

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