If history repeats itself it is better to keep abreast of it

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Be that as it may, barbers are in the background of social display but apparently their importance is correspondingly much more essential. Just look at these particular times when a lot of people are yearning for a haircut while our politicians look like some are in their twenties again. And the hairdressers themselves are not satisfied; just read what they report; less than a month and a half have the hairdressers been and beauty salons have been open, or they have to close already.’ We are hairdressers, let that be clear. It’s in our DNA. You can visit a hairdresser for a variety of reasons. You might want a new haircut, have your current haircut touched up or just have it styled. The hairdresser will advise you on how to care for your hair and how to keep it healthy and beautiful. Bear in mind that most of them work by appointment, but there are some where you can go without an appointment. Also handy: take advantage of an itinerant hairdresser who comes to your home!.But a hairdresser’s visit can mean so much more than Hair washing, cutting, blow-drying, colouring, fitting extensions. A hairdresser is more than a men’s hairdresser, a women’s hairdresser or and children’s hairdresser, it is a hair artist.The hairdresser is not from yesterday, but also has been around a lot longer than today. The history of the barber goes way back, even all the way to the Stone Age. The barber as we know him today is recognised as far back as Greek and Roman times. The barber gained high status in French times, but lost it again after the French Revolution. In our times, the he is a popular specialist with an aura like that of film stars and musicians.
The 1960s/70s also saw a social landslide, and look who called for attention because of a danger of social and psychological derailment, … the hairdressers.

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