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Images and information

Below you will find a lot of pictures showing what can be seen in the films from our range. The photos themselves are not print-screens from these films. Its quality is not sufficient to be used here. However, these images are from the same period as the films – 1960s and 1970s.
This early period of pornography was characterised by a spirit of creativity and discovery. The genre remained obscure and anyone who engaged in it acted at the limits of legality. You can tell from these films that these people were adventurers of this genre, women and men who experimented and pushed boundaries. The making a porn movie was in a way their ideal. Everyone involved, from the actor to the secretary, did it with a heart. In this era of sexual liberation, the participants in the film project were enjoying themselves; the orgasms were real, the provocative poses were really meant to provoke and the moaning came from the hips themselves. That is why these films are not only ‘hot’ because of their subject matter, but also warm because of their commitment … completely different from today’s consumer porn.
Enjoy these films and enjoy already now, by reading the texts below full of delicious indecent words uninhibited, and remember …
Porn can also be art.

What sexual images can you expect in these films?
Of course, there is a lot of fucking in many different positions. What is very striking, in contrast to today’s porn, is that the actors often tongue-kiss during the fuckings. As a result, the atmosphere is often very intimate and engaging.
Another remarkable observation is that all women have a strongly hairy pussy, and this is also considered ‘normal’. This way, all the sex scenes have a very exciting animal vibe.
The whole range of sexual acts is covered; fucking in all kinds of positions (sometimes very inventive), masturbation, blowjobs, pussy licking, sex in nature and in public, pee sex, SM, abuse, lesbian love scenes, anal sex, orgies, gangbang, incestuous sex, …
What it does not include are extreme forms of sexual acts such as the insertion into the vagina of bulky objects, extreme forms of silicone breasts, bukkake, … Since there is no longer a story offered in today’s porn films as there used to be, one has to resort to far-reaching forms of ‘sex’ to attract the potential viewer.

The quality
… of the films themselves are satisfactory to good. Of course they are not 8 GB files with HD quality but I guarantee you, you will enjoy the wet cunt that someone licks with his tongue. Sometimes you can tell that the film originated from a 16 mm film reel. This only contributes to the charm, as with the revival of the vinyl record;
… of the acting is particularly good; even from the obscure, backroom films, the acting is more than decent. There is no exaggerated moaning, no useless macho behaviour, no unbelievable explosive ejaculation, … The actors in these films play themselves, play people of flesh and blood, and that is exciting because it is recognisable to everyone.

If it is mentioned that it is about porn films, then it is really about hardcore, so close-ups of wet pussies, anal sex, blowing, eating pussy, … However, this does not affect the quality of the film. There are a lot of fun intelligent hardcore porn films.

I can guarantee you; in these vintage films, a lot of tongues are stroking wet pussies and swollen clitorises thoroughly, for a long time and with passion. On the other hand, the women do not shy away from licking and sucking the sperm from the penis or penises of their fellow players with heart and soul. 69 is therefore not only mentioned as a date. Sometimes the tongue’s journey ends somewhere else, after being diverted to the buttocks and anus. The buttocks are gently pulled apart, the arse opens slightly just enough for the tongue tip to gain access and begin a blissful penetration of the arse opening.

All films are in English or have English subtitles. In the erotic range, there are two films that are in German. But the story of the film speaks for itself. A version with French titles will be released later.
With the exception of two films, it is only about heterosexual relationships. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality but there are just very few homosexual films from that era. Three films use transsexual – tranny or shemale models.

When it comes to erotic or softcore films, the penis and vagina are always discreetly portrayed. The fucking is filmed as two entangled bodies without zooming in on the penetration. Some films deviated from this because the filming was very tender and the number of scenes with explicitly depicted penis and pussy was limited, so we thought they belonged more in the category of erotic films.

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The tongue is a very active sex weapon in all these films. Many a female slit is expertly spoiled and licked for minutes on end, never sparing the clitoris. The women, too, not only use their lips to get to grips with the man’s cock; with the tip of the tongue, they explore all the ‘corners’ of the stiff cock; and then descend to gently suck the balls.

In the films, there are not only regular fuckings, but quite a lot of wild orgies, gangbangs, exciting and fairly well acted rapes, fucking in public places, partner swapping, pee sex, incest domination, masturbation especially of women stroking their pussy or using a dildo.

Finally …
When you see these actors at work, watching the horny slut greedily licking and sucking on a woman’s nipples; or the pregnant Japanese woman fingering herself and cooing; or the submissive man fervently rimming his mistress’ arse.
These descriptions are applicable to today’s porn films, certainly, but the effect they have on the viewer is incomparable.
Watching such a film for half an hour causes glands in your body to pump an excessive amount of hormones into your bloodstream and plunge you into a trance comparable only to taking a party drug.
I would say do not hesitate ….